2011 Season 4 Premiere Party

True Blood Merlottes Party @ Northman's Party Vamps

This was last year's premiere party.  Immediately after this was over, we began scheming for Season 5.  Each new episode gave us tons of ideas.  If we did everything we wanted, we would definitely have to move the location to a coliseum!  Everyone had a FANGtastic time, of course that is only to be expected when you have a house full of women and the hot men of True Blood on the tv screen for 6 hours.

True Blood Fangtasia Party @ Nothman's Party Vamps

We are also lucky enough to have our very own Sookie Stackhouse!  This is our sweet girl Sumer, she even sounds like Sookie when she talks!

True Blood Party Sookie Stackhouse @ Northman's Party Vamps

The food was all incorporated into the theme.  We had Lafayette's Aids burgers, Grans potato salad, Sams puppy chow, Maryann's meatballs, bleeding strawberries, Louisiana Swamp muck, deviled Eggs Benedict and no buffet is complete without bottles of True Blood to satisfy those hungry vamps. 

True Blood Party Lafayette's Aids Burgers @ Northman's Party Vamps

Vampire Glamour shots.  These are delicious!

True Blood Party Glamour Jello Shots @ Northman's Party Vamps

We made custom plates, which we thought were a perfect fit to serve up our guests.

True Blood Party Custom Plates @ Northman's Party Vamps

The den was transformed into Fangtasia.  If you look closely you can see Sheriff Northman sitting on his throne.  Of course with him watching over us, we were sure to be on our best behavior ;)

True Blood Party Fangtasia @ Northman's Party Vamps

Inside Fangtasia was the entrance to the Fangbanger's VIP Lounge.  Just remember, No Biting on Premises!

True Blood Party Fangtasia Decorations @ Northman's Party Vamps

An Ode to Talbot is always required, we were able to salvage some of his remains to place in his "urn".

True Blood Party Decorations @ Northman's Party Vamps

Guests were treated to a party gift bag.  Contents included a bloody martini glass, character book marks, a magnetic calendar, V lollipops and a True Blood chocolate candy bar.

True Blood Party Favors Gifts @ Northman's Party Vamps

Once the guests are gone, the party's over and it's time to rest.

True Blood Party Decorations @ Northman's Party Vamps

That's just a quick glance inside our North Carolina version of Bon Temps, LA.  Soon we'll be posting recipes, more pics, tutorials, etc. and you won't want to miss what we have in store for this year.

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