Wednesday, April 9, 2014



This is the invitations we are sending out for this years party. It is 4"x 6" tri-fold invitation.

Materials for card

12" x 12" black damask scrap booking paper
white card stock paper
thin white lace
red ribbon

By cutting the 12" x 12" scrap booking paper in half it will make two 4" x 6" tri-fold invitations. Measure your cut paper in half the long way. Fold over each side to meet in the center making sure to keep your edges straight.

Set up your invitation in word or any other program you may have on your computer. This is the wording on our invitation. Feel free to use this or create your own wording.

Set your printer to print your invitation making sure to set it to print (2) 4" x 6" images per page. Print out on your white card stock paper. Cut your 4" x 6" invitations out. Glue the invitation down to the center part of your folded damask paper. Let dry.

Fold side flaps over your card and tie a red ribbon around the invitation making a bow.

Materials to make envelopes

 9 inch square doilies
 Vellum/tracing paper
 Craft Adhesive Spray
Art Card
 Cutter/double-sided tape/cutting mat/ ruler

1. Create a template for the tracing paper/vellum. I used my old drawing block as the template. After a few attempts to get the right template, I am satisfied with my crisp looking template!

2. Trace the template into the tracing paper and use cutter to cut it. But for the folded side in the middle, use the blunt edge of the cutter to give a folding mark.

3. Spray the tracing paper with the Adhesive Spray. Don’t forget to put newspaper to cover the surrounding area. Leave it for 15 secs. Carefully stick it to the doilies, make sure it fits perfectly.

4. Fold the doilies to follow the tracing paper’s structure. Secure the inside of the envelope with double-sided tape. 
Voila! Beautifully hand-crafted envelope!

You can address the envelope using a thin white paint pen.

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