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True Blood Memorial Fans

During the early part of the 20th century, prior to the widespread use of air conditioning, it was not unusual for memorial cards to be in the shape of a fan with a handle which could be used by mourners during hot summer funerals. Since most funeral parlors were also private homes, funeral fans continued to be used into the 1950s and 1960s until the installation of air conditioning in private homes became feasible.

For our True Blood funeral themed party we are making each of our guests one of these hand held True Blood memorial hand held fans. Not only will they help keep our guests cool but will make a nice memento of your party and our final season of True Blood.

8.5" x 11" chipboard sheets (we found ours on ebay) You can also use heavy duty white cardboard mailers too.
8.5" x 11" full sheet printer labels
Wooden paint stick
Scotch double stick foam mounting tape

Using our template below you can download one of the season 7 posters like below and in a photo editing program you can make your print to be printed for your fan.

True Blood Memorial Fans
True Blood Memorial Fans

This is how your template should look when you are done and ready to print.
True Blood Memorial Fans

Print out your template on your full sheet labels. Carefully remove the backing sheet from your label and apply to your chipboard sheet making sure to keep your label straight and smooth. Below are photos of  the chipboard sheets and labels we used.
True Blood Memorial Fans

True Blood Memorial Fans

Use your scissors to carefully cut out your fan by following the guideline. 

Cut two small strips of the 1" wide mounting tape, no longer than about three-fourths of an inch. Remove one side of the backing. Apply one of these tape bits to the plain end of the stir stick (not the handle end that has the notches). Apply the other tape bit about 4 inches further down, as shown here. Then remove the film on the exposed side of the mounted tape.

True Blood Memorial Fans

Remove backing tape and adhere your fan to the stick and you are done! 

Make them with different True Blood characters so your party guests can choose their favorite from the show!

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