Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Pass The Casket @northmanspartyvamps.com

Here is a fun party game that you can play at your True Blood party, it is called "Pass The Casket".

Very simple to play, it is played like you play "Hot Potato".  Your guests get in a circle, and the music starts. As the music plays, players must pass the "casket" around. The player caught holding the "casket" when the music stops is out, and the game begins again. The casket must be passed around in consecutive order, no skipping anyone. The last person left not holding the casket wins the game.

You can purchase a craft coffin or make one to use in order to play this game. We have a couple of tutorials on our site to make coffin boxes. One can be found here  and the other here. Embellish your coffin to fit your party theme.

Place items for your winner inside the "casket". Some prize ideas could be jewelry, movie tickets, gift cards, etc. 

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