Friday, April 11, 2014


We are going to be decorating our party the way that a household in the old South would have looked during a period of mourning. We will be following the old South mourning etiquette. 

Back in the day in the South, when a death occurred, certain changes were made in the house to show the world the household was in mourning. The blinds were drawn and the shutters closed. A long strip or badge of heavy black crinkled fabric called crape was tied to the front door knocker or doorknob to notify passersby that a death had occurred. Not to mention the hanging of a black funeral wreaths on the doors, windows and mantels.

Old South Mourning Decor

Entry doors, mantles, and picture frames of the deceased were also draped with crape. 

Old South Mourning Decor

Mirrors were covered with black fabric or turned to the wall. Superstition dictated that the next person to see his reflection would die.

Old South Mourning Decor

Clocks were stopped as well at the time of death to signify the family's need to take time out to honor their departed.

Our closed coffin will be on display with a red floral arrangement on top of it. If you have a coffin or you can make one (There is a DIY instruction to make one on our website).

Our memorial table with the memorial book for guests to sign will be sitting on a table outside of the entry way to the room.

We will also have elaborate floral arrangements and candles in the room. We may need some boxes of kleenex sitting around for those of us who may shed a tear or cry a river over losing our favorite show.

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