Friday, April 11, 2014


mourning veils

We are making each one of our guests a mourning veil, like the one that Arlene wore at Terry's funeral, to be worn during our party. Below are the instructions on how to make your own.

Long Mourning Veil

Measure yourself from your shoulder blades to the bottom of your sternum, passing over the top of your head. This measurement is your veil's length. Next, measure from bicep to bicep, passing over the top of your head once again, to discern your veil's width. Long mourning veils, or mantillas, provide the mourner with the most optional coverage. However, the long face covering may also be lifted back if she desires.

Cut fine black netting into an oval, superimposing your length and width measurements onto the fabric. Pin black lace around the outer edge of your netting and sew in place. Either use a wide stitch on your sewing machine or stitch by hand.

Place the veil over your head with the inside facing out and adjust it to lay as you want. At the crown of your head, place the bridge of the comb, keeping the teeth facing up and pointing behind you. Hold it in place and take the veil from your head.

Stitch the comb to the veil at that point, wrapping your thread around the comb's teeth. Keep your stitches on the outside of the veil neat and close to the comb's bridge. Knot the thread on the underside of the comb and clip.

You could also make a funeral hat like the one Pam wore when her face was rotting if you would like.

mourning hat

 Instructions on how to make Pam's hat can be found here

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