Thursday, November 14, 2013

DIY True Blood Christmas Stockings

DIY True Blood Christmas Stockings

Deck the halls with your favorite True Blood character! Here we will show you how to make your own Christmas stockings and embellish them for a one of a kind decoration or gift for that special Truebie in your life!

First you will need to make your stocking. We found the instructions here on how to make ours. We used a red and black damask fabric and embellished the top by tacking on a black feather boa cut to size of the stocking opening. You can choose your own pattern, colors and embellishments.

After you have your stocking done, we will move onto adding your True Blood character. We found a photo of the True Blood character we wanted to add to the stocking. We uploaded it to picmonkey where we cropped the photo and added the snow and such. They have several holiday and winter effects that you can use.

Once we had our photo the way we wanted it we printed it out on photo transfer paper. We then ironed on the transfer to a regular piece of white fabric. We cut it out leaving enough around the edges so we could sew the sides for a clean line. Using a sewing machine we sewed around the edges.

We then positioned our photo transfer fabric on our stocking where we wanted it and glued it down using fabric glue. We added some snowflake buttons to the four corners for a little extra embellishment and it was done!

Easy peasy right? Have fun making your True Blood stockings!!!

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