Friday, November 22, 2013




3″x3″x3″ foam cube (found in the floral department) 

Six 3″x3″ prints to glue on the sides of the cube printed on regular printer paper

Tacky Spray Glue 

Jewelry eye hooks to hang the ornament with 

Festive Ribbon

Optional: glitter or glitter glue for the edges – fun washi tape would also look great!

1. Choose 6 pictures of your favorite True Blood character/s and load them into photoshop, word or other program where you can resize them to 3"x 3". Print them out on regular printer paper and cut them out. When cutting them out, slightly round off the corners. This will make them fit better on the cubes.

2. Glue your images to your foam cube and let dry.

3. Optional: Decorate the edges of your cube with glitter or fun tape.

4. Now it’s time to attach some festive ribbon to hang your ornament. Apply a dot of hot glue (or another type of adhesive) and poke one of the metal jewelry eye hooks  into the corner you want your ornament to hang from. Once that is dry, tie some ribbon to the metal loop. Use a thinner ribbon and glue the edges together to make a loop, then tie a bigger, sparkly ribbon around the base to make a pretty bow. 

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