Sunday, November 24, 2013

DIY Photo Decoupage Ornament

DIY Photo Decoupage Ornament

Arylic Paint - Metallic Silver Sterling
Mod Podge Gloss
3” Round glass disc ornament
Photocopy of photograph
Metallic ribbons
Coarse iridescent white glitter
12 6mm Silver beads
Brush basin or container for water
Rubbing alcohol
Small flat brush
Paper Towels


1. Moisten paper towel with rubbing alcohol and wipe over entire glass ornament to remove dirt and/or grease. Allow to dry.

2. Cut photo copy image to be placed on back side of disc to desire shape and size.

3. Apply Mod Podge to the front side of the image and immediately place the image to the backside of the clean glass ornament. Press in place to smooth out excess Mod Podge. Allow to dry.

4. To give the back of the print a more finished look, paint Silver Sterling over the white. Allow to dry and reapply for more opaque silver.

5. Remove the ornament cap and fill the disc ornament with small silver beads and a couple teaspoons of coarse iridescent white glitter.

6. Replace the cap and embellish with metallic holiday ribbons tied into a bow.

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