Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pam's Sex in Shreveport Party

Pam Swynford De Beaufort is the epitome of couture. She is always stylish and current with the years fashion trends. Her high fashion sense is the inspiration for Pam's Sex in Shreveport Party.

Pam's Sex In Shreveport

Ask your guests to come dressed in their favorite designers clothes and accessories. You could also ask them to come dressed in their favorite replica Pam outfit from the show. You could even give a prize to the person dressed in the best outfit.


 Have the paparrazi ready to take their photos as they make their way down the red carpet to enter the party. This can easily be done by rolling out the red carpet, security ropes lining both sides and cardboard standups of the paparazzi. You can even have a real photographer set up to take photos of your guests as they make their way inside your party. The photos could be printed out and inserted into nice gold frames as a momento of  attending your fashionista affair.

Red carpet and

When decorating, think high end fashion.Use a variety of fabric to achieve this effect. Drape it on tables, use as backdrops on walls and even drape from ceilings and doorways. The addition of feathers, baubles, ruffles and frill will give it an extra boost. Boxes of designer high heels, dresses on dress forms, sparkly jewelry, designer purses can add that extra couture touch.


Crystal trays, martini glasses, silver or gold trays and mirrors can be used to serve up an array of award winning appetizers and fashion designer inspired foods. Have a select number of wines, champagnes and signature cocktails on hand for your guests to sip on.



You can set up your own runway and have a fashion show for your guests to enjoy.  You can have your guests be your models or get some volunteers to put on the show. 


Set up a table with swag bags for your guests to take home for attending your soiree. Inside their swag bags they could find a pair of sunglasses, a scarf, makeup, perfume, soaps, jewelry, etc. Make it fun and fashionable!


The directions you can go and the possibilities with throwing a party like this is endless! Be creative and make Pam proud!

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