Wednesday, June 12, 2013

DIY Grave Chair Covers

Bon Temps

Theme your dining room chairs to look like gravestones from Bon Temps Cemetery. You can have fun making graves of various favorite characters who have passed and no longer with us or your favorite "dead or undead" vamp like the one below.
Bill Compton Chair

All you need is 2 pieces of fabric per chair. First, cut one piece of fabric to cover the face and back of the chair back (so the fabric folds over the top). Then, sew the sides together stopping where the chair back meets the seat.We tried to illustrate by pinning the sides, so this would be the inside of the cover.
diy chair
Once the sides are sewn pin the top to make a corner for the chair top (looks like a little triangle). Make sure to sew a smaller corner than you think you will need, easier to sew more after to fit than it is to seam rip and start over.
diy chair
After you sew each top corner and flip right side out it should look like this.
diy chair

Hem your bottom edge and you are done with the sewing,

Now to stencil your gravestone. 
diy chair

You can use various stencils, fabric paint and painters pen. Sponge around the outside of your chair cover with a paint color that is just a shade darker than your material. After that drys, stencil the name of your True Blood character, the year they were born and died, and any saying you may want to add. You can stencil them using the paint pen and then going back in to fill with fabric paint, let dry. You can freehand the cracks using the paint pen and let dry. Using a small sponge and same paint you used on the outside edge add a bit of shadowing to your cracks. If needed, let dry and go back over your cracks with the paint pen. Let completely dry. You can make as many as you want or need in no time. 

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