Saturday, June 8, 2013

Custom Wine Labels

northman wine label

We have been busy here at the NPV camp making and designing new things for our True Blood party. We couldn't wait to share these fangtastic wine labels with you and we are still working on more designs. Replace your plain old dreary wine labels with these themed labels for your party. These will make an awesome conversation piece for your party or you can even give them out as party gifts.

All you need to do is remove the original label from your wine bottle. Print one of the labels below onto printable sticker paper that you can buy at any office store. Spray with Krylon 11 oz. Gloss Crystal Clear Spray Paint and let dry. Cut your labels out with a good pair of scissors or exacto knife. Adhere label to wine bottle and you are done!

eric wine
Eric Wine Label

pam wine
Pam Wine Label

russell wine
Russell Wine Label

talbot wine
Talbot Wine Label

bill wine
Bill Wine Label

jessica wine
Jessica Wine Label

tara wine
Tara Wine Label

The Authority Wine Label


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