Monday, June 10, 2013

Bloody Photo Lanterns

Grab any old clear jars or vases you have.  Don't have any?  Hit up Goodwill, thrift stores and yard sales.

Bloody Photo Lanterns Northmans Party Vamps

What you need:

Modge Podge (Glossy)
Blue Food Coloring
Red Food Coloring
Drying rack
Vellum Paper
Krylon 11 oz. Gloss Crystal Clear Spray Paint 

This is the recipes to do one large jar:

2 Tbsp of Modge Podge
1-2 tsp water
2 drops blue food coloring
3 drops re food coloring

Before you start, make sure your jar is VERY clean!

Mix your ingredients and pour into jar.  Swirl the mixutre around and continue swirling as you pour it out to coat the inside of the jar.  Make sure the entire inside is coated well.  Once it's coated you will need to place your jar upside on a drying rack over the newspaper (old strawberry baskets can be cut to fit your jars and used as a makeshift rack).  The color will be more pinkish while it's still wet, but will darken and become translucent as the jar dries.

Bloody Photo Lanterns Northmans Party Vamsp

Be patient, do not touch the inside of the jar until it's completely dry!

Bloody Photo Lanterns Northmans Party Vamps

Once the Modge Podge is completely dry, coat the inside of the jar with Krylon Spray to seal the color.  While that is drying you can find your favorite True Blood photo and print on Vellum Paper.  Make sure your photo is sized appropriately for your jar.

When you're ready, get some plain Modge Podge and lightly coat  your photo.  Insert photo into the jar and smooth it out.

After your photo has dried, you can place an LED candle inside (don't use real candles! These things would probably catch fire faster than a vampire sunbathing on the beach)

Enjoy!  And don't forget to send us your Party Photos for our Season 6 contest!  

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