Friday, June 7, 2013

Blood Will Spill

Northmans Party Vamps Blood Will Spill Prop @

"Blood Will Spill" is a big part of this season's promotion.  We thought it would be fun to recreate this poster as a decorative prop.  Of course we are not going to break one our own cherished bottles of Tru Blood, so we had to get a little creative.

First we need to create a fake blood spill.  Of course you can buy those rubbery blood decorations at most Halloween stores and party stores, but that's going to be hard to find now because it's not Halloween.  Now what?  NPV has got you covered, and this will be fun!

Here's what you need:

 Elmer's Glue All, craft glue, or generic equivalent
* Red food coloring
* Blue food coloring
* Plastic wrap
* Wax paper
* A large cutting board, clipboard, or piece of foam core board
* Tape

Wrap the plastic wrap carefully around the cutting board, clipboard, or piece of foam core board very carefully so the surface is completely smooth. This is actually the hardest task involved in the whole project. Secure the plastic wrap with tape on the back side of whatever board you are using. No matter what you use to keep the plastic wrap in place, be sure that it holds it securely.

Pour about an ounce of craft glue into a small bowl or cup and add a single small drop of blue food coloring. Stir the food coloring in well and add the red food coloring one drop at a time, stirring thoroughly between drops, until the mixture reaches a shade just lighter than you want the finished product to be. The mixture will become darker and more translucent when it dries. If you get it too dark, that's OK, it will probably be more realistic because the real stuff is much darker than most commercially available fake blood and movie blood.

We recommend making just an ounce of the glue mixture to start with because it allows you to tweak and adjust the color to your preferences. Once you get the hang of coloring the glue to bloody perfection, you can mix it right in the glue bottle to reduce mess and make it easier to apply.

 Drop colored glue in shapes you like so that it's about an eighth of an inch thick on the plastic wrap.  Allow the glue to dry until it becomes translucent. Carefully peel the plastic wrap off of the blood drops or pools and store them between sheets of wax paper unless you intend to use them immediately. If you didn't make the glue mixture thick enough to peel off in a nice, substantial cling film you can add more layers of it and allow them to dry.  You can stick your bloody creations on smooth, washable surfaces such as windows, mirrors, shower curtain liners and linoleum.   

This is what it will look like when you're finished (only this is a bloody handprint). 

Northmans Party Vamps Blood Will Spill Decor Prop

Now you need a bottle.  We found a plast bottle that very much resembles the Tru Blood bottles here.
Northmans Party Vamps Blood Will Spill Decor Prop

You can print Tru Blood labels here.  Just cut the bottle so it looks "broken" and smear some of the bloody glue on the inside.  This can be used as a table centerpiece, a focal point for your food table or anywhere else you'd like to add a bloody mess to your decor.  

Here's to hoping there's no blood spilled at your party :)

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