Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Fangtastic Cocktail Garnish!

vampire fang
Make these vampire fang garnishes to dress up your party cocktails.These are really simple to make. All you need is milk or cream, cranberry juice, red food coloring and the vampire fang ice mold. The fang mold (like the one shown below) can be purchased online or if you are lucky you may be able to find them in a local store. We found ours at a local Home Goods.
vampire fang ice
You fill in the teeth part of the mold with the milk or cream. Freeze until this sets up. Fill the remainder of the mold with the cranberry juice and refreeze. After mold has completely set up carefully remove your fangs from the mold. You then can use your red food coloring to make the blood drips on your fangs. Keep in freezer until you are ready to serve in your drinks. It definitely will make your guests want to sink their fangs into any bloody concoction you choose to serve up!

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