Thursday, November 1, 2012

Stock up now for Season 6

Northman's Party Vamps DecorationsTrubies, now is a great time to head out and stock up on awesome decorations and costumes, etc. for your next True Blood Bash.  Halloween clearance sales can be a gold mine to find some unique vampire items that are hard to come by during the spring and summer months.  

One thing we will definitely be looking for on clearance are some Obama masks like Bud and his groupies wore last season.  We have spotted these at Walmart, Target and several Halloween stores.  
Obama Mask Northman's Party Vamps

If you have a Party City store near you, they have tons of Vampire decor!  We have already grabbed a few things for next year but will definitely be hitting them up to snatch up as much clearance as we can.  Right now Halloween items are 40% off.

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