Monday, August 20, 2012

Party Inspiration From Season 5 Episode 11 "Sunset"

We have been working for quite awhile on recreating the Authority's elaborate display to showcase the blood of Lilith. Even though our display is still in the works we wanted to share our plans with you so you can create your own for your party.

Blood of Lilith @ Northman's Party Vamps
The Blood of Lilith

First you will need to either purchase your glass/plastic display case or build your own. You can find them already made at your local craft store. We found instructions to build your own here:

Depending on the size of your display case, you will need to build a simple wooden box the same size for the bottom section.
 The bottom section will be painted faux marble. See instructions on how to paint faux marble here:
Use black as your base coat and white and a gray for painting the veins.
Blood of Lilith @ Northman's Party Vamps
Sometimes you can even find black marble tiles at your local Dollar Store and you could cover your wooden box with those as an easier alternative.
For the decorative molding at the top, middle and bottom sections you can purchase decorative molding from your local hardware store. These will need to be painted gold. Apply these around your boxes using a glue gun or epoxy glue. You will also need (4) four thin strips of wood the height of your glass/plastic display case. Paint these gold as well and apply to the four corners with a glue gun or epoxy glue.

The top section will be 3 sections of wood and one section of small wooden trim.
Blood of Lilith @ Northman's Party Vamps
The bottom section is just a simple black square frame. You can paint the gold details with a fine paint brush. The middle and top sections will be smaller tapered pieces of wood. The middle can be painted with a gold gilded pattern as the one in the show. The top section to be painted black. Add the small black trim around the sides to separate the top and middle sections. Secure with a glue gun or epoxy glue. These can be assembled together using a wood screw sunk down in the middle of all three with wood glue between each layer also. 

A similar gold finial topper can be found at your local hardware store and installed to the top of your case.
Blood of Lilth @ Northman's Party Vamps

You will need to find a bottle similar to the bottle Lilith's blood is in. We have found a few similar ones on ebay under perfume bottles. 
Blood of Lilith @ Northman's Party Vamps

You can add Lilith's blood to your bottle using the edible blood recipe found here :
Blood of Lilith @ Northman's Party Vamps

You will need a stand to display your blood of Lilith bottle inside the case. We are using a metal ornament holder like the one shown below that we have altered by adding more wire armatures to secure the bottle.
Blood of Lilith @ Northman's Party Vamps
If you would like to take it a step further and even make the stone base  that it sits on you can find instructions on how to create faux stone and boulders out of foam by clicking on the following link:
Blood of Lilith @ Northman's Party Vamps
This can be a very tedious project to take on but it is sure to wow your guests as a centerpiece to your True Blood party.

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