Monday, August 6, 2012

New Party Game Inpsired By "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" Episode

After last night's episode we were so upset with Bill for snitching out Eric's escape plan we wanted to reach in the TV set and stake him ourselves! So, we came up with a new party game to play, "Kill Bill!", or you can change it to any other character you would like to have the pleasure of killing.
Kill Bill@Northman's Party Vamps
First, you will need to build a simple wooden frame as shown below. Glue pieces together and clamp to dry. You will need to screw or nail the pieces together too for durabilty. You will also need to contruct a simple brace to hold your frame up. See photo below on the contruction of our brace...pretty simple. Screw or nail pieces together.
Measure the inside area of your frame and you will need to make a full figured print of your victim just like we did for the life size cardboard cutouts. ( See earlier post on those for instructions.) You will need to make your print the size of the inside area of your frame. Get a large piece of cardboard and cut it out about 1 1/2" larger than the measurements of the inside of your frame. Mark your 1 1/2" line so it will be easier when you glue the print of your character down on the cardboard. You can seal it with a coat of Mod Podge when done.

Take your piece of cardboard with your print glued on it (Make sure it is dry) and place it on the back side of your frame lining it up to make sure that your print is the only thing showing in the visual area of your frame. When you have it lined up take a staple gun and staple the cardboard to the frame going around the entire frame. (See below)


You are almost ready to play, but first we need some stakes to "Kill Bill!" You can get some wooden landscape stakes very cheap at your local Lowes or Home Depot. This is what they look like in the store.
You will need to cut some length off of them. I would make them around 8' long like the one below.

Blindfold your player and hand him or her their stake. Turn them around a few times and let them see how close they can get to staking Bill or whoever in the heart. The person who comes the closet to staking the middle of the heart wins. You will have to keep up with who's hole is who's since you will need to remove the stake before each new turn. Good luck and have fun receiving some vindication for "killing" your True Blood villian. We have ALL been there at one time or another!

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