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True Blood Tempt Your Fate

True Blood Party Game @ Northmans Party Vamps
True Blood Tempt Your Fate is a fun and entertaining game to play at your party. All you need is some balloons, some paper to write or print your "fates" on, a helium tank, ribbon and a pin to pop your balloons.

First, you will need to write or print your "fates" on paper and cut each individual fate out. Roll each individual "fate" up and insert in a balloon. Use a helium tank to blow your balloons up, tie them off and add a ribbon streamer. Gather all your balloons together and tie them to a balloon weight or other decor. Make sure you place your balloons where guests will see them and have easy access. We have also made a sign to place with them to explain to your guests that this is a game and what they need to do.

True Blood Party Game @ Northmans Party Vamps
 List of "Fates":

Below is a list of "fates" we have come up with. You can use these or come up with your own. Have fun with it!

Respond "Blah, blah, blah...vampire emergency...blah" to anything that is said to you for the next 10 minutes.

Ask each person in the room if there is anything you can get for them like you work at Merlotte's.

Pretend you are a werewolf. (No explanation!)

Pretend you are a vampire. (No explanation!)

Pretend you are a shifter.  (No explanation!)

Jump in a random conversation by pointing at another party guest saying, “Sometimes I think that boy's/girl's cheese done slid right off his/her cracker!?”

Walk up to someone as if you are about to say something to them, but instead, just take their drink (or food) and walk away. (No explanation!)

Strut around the room like you're Lafayette.

Get everyone’s attention and sing the True Blood theme song.

You become a werepanther for the next 10 minutes. Do not explain if asked about your behavior.

Attempt to bite the neck of the person closest to you.

Pick any inanimate object near you and walk around talking to it like you are talking to Talbot.

You’ve forgotten everyone’s names! Anyone that talks to you, call them "hookah".

Convince at least three people to go outside with you and look at the moon and start howling. (Do not tell them it’s for this game!)

Find someone you don’t know and stare them in the eyes and try to glamour them for 30 seconds (no talking or explaining!)

When starting a conversation start it with "Ring, ring hookah! Ring, Ring!"

Walk up to a random party guest, pull out your cell phone and tell them "Hey! Watch how fast I can type motherfucker."

When someone asks how you are doing answer with "I feel like I have been staked!"

For the next 5 minutes, scream "Sooookaaayyyyy" randomly.

Grab another guest and say " Let's go to the ladies' room and stare at ourselves in the mirror.”Go to bathroom and stare in the mirror for 1 minute.

Dance around like Maryann trying to get everyone under your influence for 5 minutes.

Talk using Rene's Cajun accent for 5 minutes.

Randomly yell out "Bullshit! God has horns!"

Pretend to be possessed with Marnie or Antonia's spirit.

Accuse someone of spitting in your peas.

Walk up to five people and randomly say " Conscience off. Dick on,  and everything's gonna be alright."

Sing the song "God said get out of here and the devil done ran out the door" and pretend to be cleansing the house.

Tell other party guests that they make your ass itch.

Tell other guests that "The one time in my life I thought I was happy, I was a fucking zombie."

You shift into Dean,the dog - get on all fours and bark and act like a dog for 5 minutes.

Go up to 5 random people and tell them "Your hair's like a sunset after a bomb went off... Pretty. "

Tell three different guests "When I was a kid, I used to put a squirrel head on a lizard body and invent new animals"

Get everyone's attention and say "Mine is the true face of vampire! Why would we seek equal rights? You are not our equals. We will eat you after we eat your children. Now time for the weather. Tiffany?"

Tell 3 random guests "I hear the water in Arkansas is very... hard."

When someone asks if you are having a good time reply "Yes, thanks. I'm so happy, I could bleed."

Walk up to 3 random guests and say "I'm bored. Take off your clothes."

When someone asks you how you are doing or what's up reply with "I got gout of the dick!

Go up to 3 random guests and tell them "Jesus Christ! I want to lick your mind."

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