Friday, June 1, 2012

Put a spell on your guests

Our party guests will be receiving a "Swag Basket" full of True Blood goodies that we have put together ourselves.  We wanted to add some Moon Goddess items to our favors this year.  We decided that everyone needs a bottle of the "Flesh Rotting Spell", as horrible as it was for our dear Pam last season, it was an amazing thing to watch her poke holes into her own face.  AWESOME work TB crew! 

We searched many stores to find the perfect bottles and found them at Michaels craft store for around $2 each.  We got some twine, our trusty Modge Podge (we should really own stock in this company) and we designed our labels for the bottles.  We LOVE these and think they are going to be a huge hit at the party.  

These labels can be printed on regular copy paper.  Use Modge Podge to adhere the labels to your bottles.  Brush a coat of Modge Podge over the front of the labels to seal the ink as well.  Glue your twine around the neck of your bottle.  We will fill ours with some blue or green pre-mixed alcoholic beverages, of course you can use whatever you like.  Some water with food dye would work well too and save cash.

True Blood Party Favors Moon Goddess @ Northmans Party Vamps

While our minds were set on the Moon Goddess we found some candles at our Dollar Store on sale for .25 each!  We couldn't pass those up!  We created Moon Goddess logo labels for them and used Modge Podge to apply them.

You could also use the candles and bottles for display in your Moon Goddess room and give them to your guests before they leave.

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