Thursday, June 7, 2012


Ever since Eric sent Talbot to his true death and Russell walked around with his "Jar-o-Talbot", we've included him in our parties and any other True Blood related functions we attend. 

True Blood Party Decorations @ Northmans Party Vamps

We found a smaller version of Talbot's temporary home at a flea market for next to nothing.  We bought some black cherry Jell-O and filled the jar.  This year we will probably add some fruit to "chunk" it up a little.  

Next to our jar we will have a framed picture of Talbot himself.  You can almost hear his voice whining about the vampire stained linens.  

True Blood Party Decorations @ Northmans Party Vamps

What better way to meet the True Death than naked with Eric Northman?!


  1. Just discovered your blog while searching for ideas for our True Blood finale party :-D For the season premier we made a dark, rich sun-dried tomato pesto that we served in martini glasses as "Talbot." Our guests were grossed out and laughing at the same time (but all ate it as Talbot was really tasty)!

    Not sure if this will display for you...

    Thanks for the ideas!