Tuesday, May 22, 2012

True Blood Premiere Party 2012 Sneak Peak

We have had such an awesome response since going live with our blog and facebook pages, we have decided to give you all a quick peak into what's in store for the Season 5 Premiere Party.  Last year we couldn't imagine what we could do to improve and build on what we started, but we are bursting with pride and excitement now that we are almost finished.  

True Blood Party @ Northman's Party Vamps

In this pic you see our food card labels, cupcake stand, Alcide cardboard cutout, Rotting Flesh spell bottle that will be part of the gift baskets, personalized coffin gift boxes (also part of the basket), True Blood necklaces (will be inside coffin boxes) and our custom plates featuring Russell Edgington.

We have created all the items you see pictured.  If you have a printer, some cardstock paper and scissers, you can bring your own little piece of Bon Temps to your home.  We started working in January and have been full steam ahead since.  It takes a lot of time, but it's been so much fun and has definitely added some great memories for us to share when we're crazy old ladies in the nursing home together..LOL.    

Thank you all for the amazing support of our blog as we are getting it up and running.  Stay tuned, in the next day or so we'll be posting our first DIY tutorial.  

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