Saturday, May 26, 2012

True Blood Party Games

It's always fun to use party games as a way to entertain guests.  Whether you're competing to see who has the most knowledge or doing something silly and a little embarrassing, it's a ton of fun!  Last year we played two games, "Who Said It" and "True Blood Jeopardy".

For the game "Who Said It" we would read a line from the show and our guests had to tell us which character said it.  For "True Blood Jeopardy", we had a list of questions and our guests paired up in teams, taking turns guessing the correct answer.

True Blood Party Games @ Northmans Party Vamps
This year we are doing "True Blood Jeopardy" and "Who's the Best Blood Sucker?".  We had to make this year's questions more difficult because our Sookie look-alike, Sumer, is a walking True Blood encyclopedia.  We found a great ebook on Smashwords that covers Seasons 1-3.  There are thousands of questions to choose from that range from very easy to very difficult.  

"Who's the Best Blood Sucker?" is a True Blood twist on a popular baby shower game.  We got small baby bottles from The Dollar Tree and have put O negative blood type labels on them.  We will fill them with red juice and see who has the best set of fangs.  

There are a few other games you could put your own bloody twist on to make them a fun part of your night.  Get a poster of your favorite vamp and play pin the fangs on the vampire.  Dust off your karaoke machine and see who can give the best "Bad Things" performance.  

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