Friday, May 25, 2012

True Blood Party Favors for your guests

Party favors are a huge hit at our annual gathering of the Trubies.  We have spent a lot of time searching Ebay and other websites for inexpensive gifts.  When you have a dozen or so guests, spending $10-$15 per person for the party gifts can get a little pricey.  Being the do-it-yourselfers that we are, we have come up with some pretty cool options.  

Last year we gave each guest their own Bloody Margarita glass.  You can get the plain glasses at The Dollar Tree and a paint marker from the craft store for around $5.  Make sure the marker can be used on glass. Paint the blood drips around your glass and then follow the instructions on the marker to bake the glasses and you're done!

True Blood Party Favors Bloody Glasses @ Northmans Party Vamps

For part of this year's swag, Pinterest has once again been a gold mine for ideas and inspiration.  We found a great tutorial about how to make glass block necklaces.  We found the glass tiles on Ebay for a couple bucks per dozen, bought the necklace hardware at a craft store for around $10 and printed our images at home.  The "display" the necklaces are attached to were created in Photoshop and printed on cardstock. 

True Blood Party Favors Necklaces @ Northmans Party Vamps

We will post links to some of our printables soon.  We hope you all enjoy reading our blog as much as we are enjoying sharing our party planning madness with you! 

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  1. These are so cute..and perfect THANK YOU gifts! Where can I find the links to the printables?