Friday, May 25, 2012

Take a Look Back

With four seasons of True Blood behind us, it's fun to look back and reminisce on all the craziness that has happened on this FANGtastic show.  We decided to create a "walk down memory lane" for our guests.  Since we try to cover as many rooms as we can with True Blood themed decor, we decided to create a "walk down memory lane" in the hallway.  Each season will have a picture collage made up of some of the most memorable scenes from the past.  

True Blood Party Decorations @ Northmans Party Vamps

To create each season board, you will need:
2 black foamboards - purchased at Walmart for $2.88 each
44 pictures of your favorites scenes cut to 4" x 4" printed on cardstock or photo paper
1 1/2" red ribbon
Hot glue gun
Modge Podge
Foam brush

Lay the 2 foamboards side by side and position the pictures to your liking.  Once you have your layout, glue the pictures to the foamboard using Modge Podge.  Use a towel to press the pictures down and get out any air bubbles.  If you use your hands to do this your ink may smudge so be careful.  After all of the pictures are glued down, use a foam brush to coat the entire board with Modge Podge.  Don't be scared, it dries clear and seals the ink.  Let it dry for about 30 minutes then coat the back of the board to prevent warping and let that dry for 30 minutes as well.  When your board is finished drying, grab your hot glue gun and attach the ribbon around the edges.  You don't have to do anything to connect the 2 boards.  Use some wire or twine on the back of each board and hang them side by side.  Of course you could do a smaller version using just one board, but there are so many awesome scenes to choose from that we had to use 2 boards for each season.

True Blood Party Decorations @ Northmans Party Vamps

True Blood Party Decorations @ Northmans Party Vamps

These season boards are a new addition to our party this year.  We will hang some clear Christmas lights along the walls to illuminate them and have also created "tags" to hang under each board reading, Season 1, Season 2, etc.  

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