Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More True Blood Party Food

While searching online we have found some amazing recipes that could be added to your Trubie Menu.  Whether it's adding a bit of red food coloring or just naming it after your favorite character or phrase from the show, these are easy and delicious.  

True Blood Party Food @ Northmans Party Vamps
The Red Velvet Cheese Ball is a Fangtastically Bloody twist to the traditional cheese ball.  This will definitely be added to our menu this year! 

What's better for a True Blood party than some Louisiana Jambalaya?!  This is a delicious, filling meal that will definitely satisfy those hungry Fang/Furbangers. 

True Blood Party Foods @ Northmans Party Vamps
When you're watching a movie or your favorite show, popcorn is a MUST have.  Why not splatter some blood on it for the special occasion?  Bloody Popcorn will for sure be a big hit!

True Blood Party Recipes @ Northmans Party VampsTHAT'S GRANS PIE!!!  Pay tribute to the wonderful , sweet woman who raised Sookie and Jason with a yummy Pecan Pie.  And by all means don't let Maxine Fortenberry get her hands on it!!


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