Wednesday, May 23, 2012

DIY Cupcake Stand

For DIY crafts, Pinterest has an unlimited supply of ideas for any occasion.  We found this very simple DIY cupcake stand that took about 30 minutes to assemble and cost just a few bucks for materials.  This is part of our True Blood Season 5 Premiere Party decor.

Since bloody decor can be difficult to come by unless it's close to the Halloween season, we improvised.  Searching Google we found the blood splatter images and the film strip template.  The pictures inside the strip are illustrations that were also found online and added to the filmstrip using Photoshop. 

Cardstock paper is our preferred choice when printing images that are used for any type of decor.  Tons of our decorations are printed on cardstock and it looks great!

The rest of the supplies you need are 3 cardboard cake circles (you could probably use regular cardboard cut to the diameter you need), a couple soup/vegetable cans, thick foam disk and a hot glue gun.  The cake circles can be purchased at Walmart or any craft store for a few bucks each, we used some cans of soup that were already on hand, picked up a foam disc from the Dollar Tree and of course we always have our hot glue gun on standby.  For our stand we used 14", 12" and 10" rounds.  Our cupcakes will be in black wrappers, with white icing with some red food dye dripped on them. 

Visit the link above for step by step instructions with photos.  The possibilities for this one are endless.

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