Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Creating your own Moon Goddess Emporium

The Moon Goddess was a huge piece to True Blood's Season 4.  There were a lot of key scenes located there.  We saw the dead bird fly, we saw Eric's memory wiped away in seconds only for him to return with a vengeance later and rip some guys heart out and use it as a sippy cup (one of the best scenes EVER). I am so excited to add this location to our party this year, there are endless decor options.  For our party, The Moon Goddess will be the first room you see when you walk through the front door, AKA the living room.  We want to make it as realistic as we can without being on the actual set.  

True Blood Party Moon Goddess Emporium @ Northmans Party Vamps
First things first, we need a sign!  Easy, just download an image like the one to the left and take it to your local office supply store on a flash drive.  You can have them print a 4' x 3' black and white image for $4-$5 (varies by location).  You can either pin that print directly to your wall or you can go to a hardware store for a big sheet of styrofoam board and adhere the print to that with some spray adhesive like shown here at Sugar Bee Crafts.

There are a thousand different things you can add to this room to give it that witchy appeal.  Grab a spare bookshelf or temporarily clear one off for the party.  Use it as a display for spell bottles, tarot cards, candles, spell books, bundles of dried herbs, witch runes, mortar & pestal etc.  Pinterest and Google are your friends when searching for ideas.

True Blood Party Moon Goddess Decorations @ Northmans Party Vamps

Lots of patterns and brown fabric will also come in handy and give the room an earthy feel.  Darken the windows with coverings and have lots of pillows in the middle of the floor in a circle.  Get a small round table to put in the center of the circle and you can even put a little green bird on the table (of course not a real one ;).   All of the supplies you need here can easily be found at thrift shops or goodwill.  Fabric stores are always having great sales on scraps.  Get your party guests involved in the hunt too.  

True Blood Party Moon Goddess Emporium @ Northmans Party Vamps

Just be careful not to invoke any angry witches seeking revenge.  That could be a disaster for the party!  Although a visit from Mr. Northman wouldn't be so bad.

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